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Not sure if a forum update occurred, or if it’s my latest iOS on my phone which was recently updated, but notifications are behaving oddly. I have a red 5 by the notification bell, I click on it and it says I have received 5 likes or something to that extent under a single thread/post. There is an option to “unsummarize” the single notification (which I’ve not seen before), and I assume it would ungroup that single notification and show me the 5 individual reactions/notifications, but it doesn’t and I can’t see the individual ones. And moving from page to page, even after clicking on unsummarize several times, it remains “unread”. Anyone know what’s going on? Is there a way to restore the old behavior, where I just see all the single ones and nothing is grouped together?
This kind of thing really grinds my gizzard. It's going to become normal across brands. I was going to get an A1 in the next month or so, now I think I'll hold off. Sony Electronics Announces Custom Gridline License Available for Alpha Camera Bodies for $149!!! – sonyalpharumors
Wherever I walk around looking for beautiful images I am confronted with an increasing amount of garbage. As I cannot turn a blind eye on what my contemporaries throw away in all places I have decided to give the revealing remnants some attention. these pics are just some random ideas

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