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I have a full post over at my Visual Ohio blog, which I will link to at the bottom of this thread for those who want to read through the whole thing and see a bunch more pictures. I used a combo of the Olympus EM5.2 and Panasonic 12-35/2.8 and Ricoh GRII and the first image in the blog post was shot with my Pixel 2 XL. The Reformatory: Architect Levi Schofield designed the reformatory after 3 different styles: Victorian Gothic, Richardsonian Romanesque and Queen Ann. The idea was for the inmates to be inspired by the architecture and be reborn back into their spiritual lives. The reformatory opened its doors on September 15, 1896 and was built on the site of an old Civil War soldier training camp. The facility is no longer in use and the building/property were sold to the city in 1995. It has been turned into a museum and tourist location. Information about the reformatory building, tours and more detailed history can be found on their Official Website. Many Hollywood movies and music videos were shot here. Air Force One The Shawshank Redemption Tango and Cash to name a few. Here are a few images: Improvised weapons found during the reformatory's operation. "Old Sparky' The "chair room" - paranormal activity is heavy here. If chairs are left in certain rooms, they tend to move around. The cathedral area Leaving the cathedral and heading into the first cell block area. A typical cell area (restored for tourist purposes) Visual Ohio - Ohio State Reformatory
Copied this verbatim from the Nikon Cafe. That thread has gone on for years and is currently on it's ninth thread. Thought we should give it a try here and see if it lives. "I saw this idea on another forum, and thought it was neat. The idea is to post an image of yours that has at least one thing in common (or similar) with the previous image posted, (subject, color, expression, mood, shape, angle, setting, anything at all) and briefly mention how its related (if you want to) so be creative!'
Bird photography is most often associated with heavy SLR bodies that shoot at machine gun speed with long lenses nicknamed as 'Bazookas'. Show photographs of birds taken with compact cameras.

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