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Cameraderie Photo Challenge #47; Outside Winner announced

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Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

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[W/NW] The Golden Hour: got some?

Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

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Show Bridges

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Cameraderie Photo Challenge #45: Looking to the Future

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Copied this verbatim from the Nikon Cafe. That thread has gone on for years and is currently on it's ninth thread. Thought we should give it a try here and see if it lives. "I saw this idea on another forum, and thought it was neat. The idea is to post an image of yours that has at least one thing in common (or similar) with the previous image posted, (subject, color, expression, mood, shape, angle, setting, anything at all) and briefly mention how its related (if you want to) so be creative!'
A slightly older of his videos - well worth a recommendation! M.
Less than Dramatic B&W Images
Post up what ever you want, because if you think it cool chances are others will too. Oh and feel free to thank others posts when you check them out, to help spread the love:love: Kelly rolling art by Kelly Gibbons, on Flickr Calgary fisheye by Kelly Gibbons, on Flickr
To my amazement and chagrin, I discovered that we don't have a true* "framed" thread yet - it's high time to change that. Here's one to start it off (even though the top's off on this one): I do a lot of those, so it'll probably fill up quite quickly - but of course and first and foremost: All appropriate entries highly appreciated! M. *N.B. I found a wonderful one-image thread and a couple of other dispersed entries, some in less-than-obvious places; I may well migrate them here over time once the thread's developed a bit.

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