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Cameraderie Photo Challenge #47; Outside Winner announced

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Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

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[W/NW] The Golden Hour: got some?

Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

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Show Bridges

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I don't need another camera. For the first time I can say that and mean it after thinking it through. My Z6 shoots everything, better than any camera I've ever owned , close enough that I don't care. Nikon's updates have helped this platform grow into a world class imaging system. That's how impressed I am with it. It does things better , quieter, faster and image quality and colors are world class in my eyes. I'm sure Sony and Canon fan boys will disagree but I'm sold.
I own a couple of photobooks documenting the lives of cats... who live with their sumo wrestler pals in sumo stables (otherwise known as 'heya' in Japanese).
Ladies first, therefore I'm asking BBW to "open this thread", kick-off by her. Thanks BBW for accepting my invite. Kind regards, Herman
Wherever I walk around looking for beautiful images I am confronted with an increasing amount of garbage. As I cannot turn a blind eye on what my contemporaries throw away in all places I have decided to give the revealing remnants some attention. these pics are just some random ideas

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