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Stealing this genre idea from the forums ... Please do share your images of paths, roads and tracks here. To get the ball rolling this is an image I took from July 2004 with a Canon IXUS. We had climbed out of the Avon valley and where strolling out for a couple days of bushwalking in the Avon Valley National Park. This was one of the sections where we made use of a track. Amongst the Wandoo by Andrew Priest (Aushiker), on Flickr
Early morning at the canoe pool by kyte50, on Flickr Debris by kyte50, on Flickr
To my amazement and chagrin, I discovered that we don't have a true* "framed" thread yet - it's high time to change that. Here's one to start it off (even though the top's off on this one): I do a lot of those, so it'll probably fill up quite quickly - but of course and first and foremost: All appropriate entries highly appreciated! M. *N.B. I found a wonderful one-image thread and a couple of other dispersed entries, some in less-than-obvious places; I may well migrate them here over time once the thread's developed a bit.

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