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I finally received my Z6 from Nikon on Tuesday, Nov 20. Had a chance to get out there and shoot with it today. Columbus Zoo was the destination. Got some birding in. Indoor, high ISO, so take that into consideration. I wanted to see what the JPG could do. So I shot Neutral picture control, then massaged in Lightroom. Most images shot single frame, a few I messed with CH extended just to see. AF was single point, AF-S. To say that I am happy would be an understatement with just this. Used the Nikon 70-300/4.5-5.6E AF-P VR+FTZ adapter. I did have it hunt once or twice, but these were extreme back lit situations or I was trying to shoot through some leaves to get to the birds. Honestly, very similar conditions where a DSLR would have some struggles as well. most of the time it as spot on in the AF department. Images below to let you see for yourself. My feeling at this point is what I had hoped for: All the benefits of my Olympus m43 gear (no mirror, smaller, lighter, fast AF-S, tack sharpness even wide open, EVF, IBIS) with all the benefits of a Nikon DSLR. We'll see how I feel about it after I get some more shooting in and get a chance to work out the AF-C options and see if I can make it sing! For those curious about the optical performance of the 70-300 @ 300....plenty of images below shot at the extreme. Also, check out the ISO on a lot of these. 8000 - 18,000. I used to be afraid of shooting past ISO 6400. Since getting the D500, I've no problem shooting it to ISO 12,800....this's pretty good, or as I used to say back in the's pretty tasty! To speed up AF point movement, I used the joystick and set the menu to do every other focus point. Loved the speed it gave me and I had to do very little "focus and recompose" that way. Anyway, enjoy!
Stuck it in my jacket pocket this morning to catch some shots going to work in the morning and back home again. DSC_3674 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3678 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3684 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3687 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3692 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3696 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3699 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3701 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3714 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3739 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr We're well into Autumn here in NZ so low angled sun and clear skies but also dark shadows. Coped pretty well but I'll need to tune my low-light/dawn/dusk shooting a bit. Previous owner had disabled focus-beep and shutter sound so its a silent shooter - quite nice other than the barely audible 'snick' from somewhere inside the body that you really have to listen hard for to hear. Initial impressions - Form-factor is a little slick feeling, could do with some camera leather, texturing or knobbly bits to get that feeling of a solid hold - I definitely need to keep my wrist loop on it as I find I like forming an angle with my wrist, forefinger and thumb to push into. Will need to get an aki-asahi skin I think. Build quality, OK but I think but I expected more from a 'premium' compact - fit and finish wise I'd put it up against my E-PM2 or GM1 any-day. I'm not sure on the previous users usage, the buttons and dials all seem solid although the power lever seems a bit loose/flimsy to me (will see how it holds up over time). Ergonomics & shooting, not bad, I'd put it between my E-PM2 and GM1 which both only have a single control dial but I feel the touch screen and AF are better on the others in terms of shooting it. I'll need to try the MF and some snap-shots to see how it would perform with zone-focus at some point. Images - really nice... on my last pic, I got a bunch of decent cat-pics wide open and they look pretty good, the out-of-focus areas also look pretty good in general. Overall - a net positive, and I'll definitely try and carry it with me in a pocket more often
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