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B&W: Words/No Words

Cameraderie Photo Challenge #29: Long Exposure (winner announced)

  • mnhoj
  • Mar 23, 2020
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white point black.jpg by john matsu, on Flickr

B&W: Words/No Words

from a different angle

In The Dark Pit - Amateur MMA (Image Heavy)

Street photography (Image thread)

Downtown on a Friday evening.

Industrial Photography

Okay, had some more fun with the X100 today -- but it really is a pain for long exposure HDR I must say. To get the shutter speed into the ranges I needed I had to up the ISO to 400 so I can't say this is a great camera for camera-controlled long exposures but bulb mode would be fine with it...

Dogs (part II)

What's this on my head ....... !

Cameraderie Photo Challenge number 27 Love

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