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Taken on a 1500 km round trip to Esperance. Banksia coming into flower. Seedhead from last year's flower. Spider Orchid. Grevillia. Unidentified.
Having accumulated many 35-mm slides from the film days, I wanted to digitize them. I found that using my flat-bed scanner to do that would be quite onerous. I bought a camera-mounted slide duplicator on Ebay that appears to be identical to this:|tkp:Bk9SR9r66unbYw 1. The slide duplicator: It comes with a fixed, low aperture zoom lens (shown in photo above). I removed the lens part, and kept the slide holder with the aim of adapting it to the 30-mm Olympus macro micro-4/3 lens. 2. The setup: EPM2 camera with 30-mm macro lens, slide holder from the slide duplicator all on a table tripod, with the shutter triggered by a remote control. A desk lamp illuminates the slide. 3. The items used to adapt the slide holder to the macro lens. (Left to right), (A) 46-to-49-mm step up filter adapter goes immediately in front of the lens; (B) 49-mm UV filter with the glass removed and a 2-mm M42 extension tube (I could not separate them: they were too tight), (C) M42 30-mm extension tube. The total extension tube length was chosen to form a reasonably-sized image of the slide in the slide holder. 4. The camera with the items in 3 above assembled. 5. The slide holder, attaches directly to the end of the extension tubes. Before I had the EPM2 and the macro lens, I used the same duplicator with an E-PL1 camera and a 100-mm M42 Pentax macro lens, adjusting the length of the extension tube accordingly. I hope I've got all this right.

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