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Film Photography Revival You are invited to post any photo based on film !!!:friends: from an ongoing exploration Film: Ektachrome 100(outdated) run twice through the same camera Leicaflex SL 1st exposure with Leica R Super Angulon 4/21 2nd exposure with Leica R Elmarit 2,8/135 and a decent portion of luck to achieve some mysterious images
As I am confirmed dog lover, I almost feel disloyal starting this thread, but here I go. We have three cats that found us and decided we were worthy.:wink: I have friends who have cats, too, and have found them to be both inscrutable, as well as quite photogenic. I'll start this off by introducing Nalo. I took this with my handy LX5 yesterday afternoon in his living room. He is a well read cat.

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