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This is just awesome ... I don't have access to any beach, but I'll certainly take a page out of that book if opportunity presents itself ... N.B. I'm not sure how long this content will stay available on the Reuters site - that's why I posted immediately, way ahead of schedule. I'll try to replace the link in case it dies ... M.
If you enjoyed seeing Kai Wong and Lok Cheung together at DigitalRevTV, good news; they'll be making videos together again, in the UK. The sad news is, Lok felt he had to leave Hong Kong due to the increasing political oppression there. See his touching video here:
What do you desire this moment, how come and will you do anything about it? What fancy reasons, made-up or otherwise you are able to tell yourself? :)
I can't believe we've got so far without a "minimalism" image thread ... on Flickr, the "minimalist" groups are often rather intensely filtered by admins, but we don't do that here ... so you are invited to be intensely self-critical before posting an image :smile:
You gotta focus somewhere but you left something interesting lurk in the out-of-focus areas? Loaned the idea from mu43.

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