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Long Exposure Photo Thread - Please add yours!

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On my travels I often see interesting clocks but there's no thread for them. So let's fix that
Put all your comments, pictures (new and old), and astute observations right here starting March 1. My weapons of choice will be the X-30, the Pentax Q, the Pentax Optio I-10, and my ancient archives. I just found the old I-10. My wife loved this camera and had two of them. I think it had the same sensor as the Q, or the 1/2.3” predecessor. It used the same battery. I took this shot with it long ago.
Yip, that's me. Attending a painting course. I love true colors. I'm a dreamer.
Just browsing through pictures tonight and realised I have a lot of photos of bridges. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll start off with this of the underside of the Millennium Bridge in London. NEX-5 with the 18-55 at 18mm. ISO 200, f8 at 1/320. Processed in shiny new LR4Beta. DSC01541 by ...olli..., on Flickr
I”ve been enjoying our photo challenges this year because they have been a source of recreation during a, shall we say, “slow period”. I’d like to follow up the Lo-Fi challenge with a similar challenge, this one involving small sensor cameras, defined by me as having a sensor 1 inch or smaller. Since we usually have an April challenge as well, I thought to make this one a “March Symposium” open to a variety of contributions. In particular, you can 1. Take and post pictures taken with a small sensor camera as often as you like; 2. Post older small sensor pictures you have taken over the years as often as you like; 3. Post your thoughts on small sensor cameras and the images they produce, especially if there is such as thing as a consistent “small” sensor look. 4. Look at the pictures/posts and respond as you like. So, basically, it’s a discussion with benefits which accommodates as much or as little as you wish to contribute. I hope this is timely since many of us dug up our older “serious compacts” and got them running for the Lo-Fi challenge. Your thoughts?

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