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This thread could be something to while away the boredom of lockdown. Post your experimental results - visionary, inventive, illusory or even whimsical.....
While they're shooting down the sky outside (it's August 1st - Swiss National Holiday, time for what's called "fireworks" and is really only an excuse for polluting the air, making an unreasonable amount of noise and generally just pretending to be big boys), here's something much more pleasing: If you have time, do yourself the favour and listen with good speakers or headphones - sound production is exceptional on most of those clips! M.
For example: of your life, of how you look like, of...anything. I took this picture with G1 plus 14-45 lens, I like the reflections of the bridge into the water of a canal. Looking forward to your pics, thanks in advance.
@admin or mod: could we have some more stickies in the different image forums in order not to start an ego thread for each and every piccie. Anyway, here's them clouds, shot with that lousy 1855 :)

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