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Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

I was looking at Thom Hogan's website and he mentioned the possibility of a companies releasing an APS-C flagship in 2022. Definitely Fuji (X-H2), and maybe Sony, Nikon, or Canon. I'm curious about the a market for such a thing, so I will consult the forum: 1. What features would such a camera need for you to give it serious consideration? 2. Given your answer to 1., how much would you be willing to pay? 3. What are your other perceptive insights about such a camera? The problem for me is that what I would need to see to tempt me would cost more than I wanted to pay. For example, would the APS-C equivalents of the Nikon Z5 or maybe even Z6 need to cost less than their FF counterparts to sell well?
Bird photography is most often associated with heavy SLR bodies that shoot at machine gun speed with long lenses nicknamed as 'Bazookas'. Show photographs of birds taken with compact cameras.
Hi everyone, this morning I took several shots. Let me share two of them with you. Hope you like them. CC welcome, thanks. Kind regards, Herman

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