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Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

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On or off camera lighting and things

Street photography (Image thread)

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It's beginning to look a lot like...Thanksgiving! Show your turkeys!

Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

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Open Challenges!

I invite everyone to post snowy nature/landscape photos!
An informal place to post portraits, products, and practice with all things flash. Techniques, modifiers, gear, etc. Please join me with your thoughts, tips and creations. My dad. An exercise with my new to me V-flat. In this case as a small footprint, easy to up and down black backdrop - I like it! XH1/35 1.4. F5.6 1/250. One light with a godox V1(1/2 power) and Buff 64" silver PLM. No retouch - pop is looking pretty good for four days away from 85. Although new stay at home measures have postponed his haircut. ( :

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