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Originating in Russia, this sport's rules are relatively simple. Pull the stick from your opponents hand, pull them over to your side of the board, pull the opponent so that both feet come off the board. Created a custom preset in DxO Filmpack 7 starting off with Kodak T-Max 3200 as the base. 1 - the organizers and referee 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
I have just bought a Zeiss Biogon ZM 28mm f2.8 to go with my non existent M9 I keep telling my wife that the only way that I can recover the "investment" that I have in the Leica M fitting, (and screw), lens is to buy an M9, (or M8), but she does not seem to understand my logic That's the trouble with wives, (women), they are not logical!!! Oh well -
Some of you know that over several years I had lots of Olympus lenses. Some lenses I sold a and bought it again. The 17mm 1.8 I tried many months but couldn't fall in love even it is a great lens. The Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6 I bought three times and sold it after view month, the last one I sold few weeks ago after having it almost a year. The 25mm 1.8 I bought it and sold it after view weeks, it was something about it what I didn't like. It performed amazing, but I was something missing. View weeks ago I lost my ambition to take photographs. I logged in into my Flickr and saw an image taken with the Olympus 25mm 1.8. Nothing special, nothing fancy, just an image I liked. So I went to all my photos on the computer I have taken since 2014. I was shocked what I considered great images turned out not that great and made me thinking how polite people were liking those images. However, I went through tons of images looking at composition and preferred focus length. I saw images taken with wide angles which I cropped tight; I saw images zoomed all the way to 150 to get tight shots. Then I saw images taken by the Olympus 25mm 1.8; I liked what I saw a lot. I closed my eyes and thought why did I sell it. After a while, I got a strong idea why. Don't laugh but it is true. I didn't like the silver version of the lens. So I asked myself, can this be really a reason? I know the gear should be enjoyably in your hands. I watched YouTube channels and flickr pages, which contained images taken with the 25mm 1.8. I loved it a lot. I knew what I wanted to do, so I called my trusted camera sales man to come by with the 17mm 1.8, the Panasonic 25mm 1.7, and of course the Olympus 25mm1.8. He is about two car-driving hours from where I live. Cos I am a good customer; he came after several hours. I put all three lenses on the table, and I grabbed the 25mm 1.8 shiny black lens and felt in love with it. I didn't take a really a look to the other two lenses, just hold them for view seconds in my hands to feel it. After a while, I hold the 25mm 1.8 for a while, showed it to my wife, I handed him the money, and I was happy when he went off. ( Not really rude, I did some small-talk too) I took quick shots in and around the house, of my daughter, cat, wife, etc., It felt so good, I was so happy with the focal length, I decided to sell my Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6 and gave myself a challenging task, one year using only the 25mm focal length. Here in Thailand, we have lots of upcoming celebrations, events, and also markets. I will see how my challenge will turn out. I apologize that I will post only in the 25mm 1.8 native showcase. I am just a hobby photographer who likes looking in daily moments and take a picture of it. I am inspired by the moment. In the last view years, I realized I don't need lots of lenses but a soul and eyes for photography. I wanna catch moments. You know those moments are in a blink of an eye gone and are history, which never come back in the same as they were in the first place. I am going to post my images taken with the Olympus 25mm 1.8 here, but don't expect artistic, professional images. Expect most likely photos may be better than snapshots.

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