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Cameraderie Photo Challenge #45: Looking to the Future

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Signs of winter

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Long Exposure Photo Thread - Please add yours!

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On my travels I often see interesting clocks but there's no thread for them. So let's fix that
I was in the midst of a discussion in another forum, and as usual, someone weighed in with “oh that camera is just no good in low light”. so my question is this: when you make that claim, how low are you talking about? Seriously... who wants to shoot in the dead dark... because that is the only low light I find difficult to manage, regardless of camera. Anyone want to weigh in, not just with discussion but also with examples of impossible low light...
Put all your comments, pictures (new and old), and astute observations right here starting March 1. My weapons of choice will be the X-30, the Pentax Q, the Pentax Optio I-10, and my ancient archives. I just found the old I-10. My wife loved this camera and had two of them. I think it had the same sensor as the Q, or the 1/2.3” predecessor. It used the same battery. I took this shot with it long ago.
MoBokeh is curating a Salon currently for images caught using camera motion during capture to form "impressions" of a scene. It had me searching the archives here to see if there was already a thread for general impressionist images. There is one now. Feel free to share some impressionist images here. Feel free to discuss techniques and share links. Let's leave tack sharp and pixel peeping way behind. Unfocused is cool. Blurry and sharp can coexist. Let's see what you got.
Following these instructions I manipulated a few images. It was easier once I recorded an action in PS, not that it's too difficult anyway. Here are some of the better results.

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