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A few shots from the Pennines in Northern England (and an ode to the Olympus 12-100)

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Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

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Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R

Black & White with water in the frame

Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

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Show stairs..

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Open Challenges!

Local Lizard ....... lots of these small things have come out in the last week Common Wall Lizard or the European Wall Lizard - 15 to 20cm long of which half is it's tail - surprisingly they live up to 7 years
Copied this verbatim from the Nikon Cafe. That thread has gone on for years and is currently on it's ninth thread. Thought we should give it a try here and see if it lives. "I saw this idea on another forum, and thought it was neat. The idea is to post an image of yours that has at least one thing in common (or similar) with the previous image posted, (subject, color, expression, mood, shape, angle, setting, anything at all) and briefly mention how its related (if you want to) so be creative!'
We've got dogs and cats covered, but how about the rest of the animal kingdom? Here's one to start things off. This contented cow was chewing her cud at a small country fair in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

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