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B&W: Words/No Words

Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

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Show Contextual Bokeh!

Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

Buntzen lake hike

Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

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Beach/Ocean: Let's see yours.

Street photography (Image thread)

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Open Challenges! The rumors appear to be true! A 40mm GR. This probably won't last much longer, but that's a dang good price for a brand new FF DSLR.
Bird photography is most often associated with heavy SLR bodies that shoot at machine gun speed with long lenses nicknamed as 'Bazookas'. Show photographs of birds taken with compact cameras.
If you're like me, photography is both a pleasure and a frustration. A frustration, because perfection [whatever that is] is always another image away. It seems to me that a thread, over time, could show us how our proficiency and our aesthetic sensibilities evolve. So, please show us three images you've captured *over the previous twelve months* that you found satisfying. No need to explain why. I'll start:
Ladies first, therefore I'm asking BBW to "open this thread", kick-off by her. Thanks BBW for accepting my invite. Kind regards, Herman

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