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Early August to Mid November brings a substantial increase in the number of butterflies in our area of the southern US. A few from last weekend. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Spicebush Swallowtail A Pipevine

Miniature / diorama efect on X-T1 w/ XF35f1.4

Hi, sometimes I get enjoyable results with Miniature mode in Fuji cameras (X-T1 and X100S). I hope you find these worth of few seconds, too. These are shot in the Old fortress at Corfu, Greece.

July 4th Baking

Wife made some mini pies and pie pops. Lots of fun. A6000, 50mm SEL and Flash in Bounce mode.

Shobdon Food and Flying festival - Sony a6000

I didn't really take much interest in the food half of the event but the planes and cars were interesting. Unfortunately I don't know what any of these vehicles are but they look good! Also a couple of candids with the long lens. Mixture of lenses used - 16-50, 55-210 and Samyang 12mm...

Fietserspad (Bikers path)

There is a famous walking path between the northern part of the country and the southern part of roughly 570km. It is called Pieterpad. For those who like to travel faster, a bikers path has been "constructed". I did that a little more than a week ago. It is just fantastic to drive with your...

A Ship is Safe in Harbor...

...but that's not what ships are for. -William Shedd My son's School holds their Senior Physics Olympics. This year's challenges: duct tape and cardboard boats, paper chairs that could hold 300lbs, and Trebuchets. Plus the traditional dunking of select faculty.

Cyclists - Panning Shots

Panning is a hard one for me. The movement required at the waist to follow through, and the tremor in my hand......they both conspire to defeat me. During rush hour out of about 200 shots I managed to get these. Not the sharpest but they give an indication of speed. They were taken on London...


I recently made a trip back to my hometown to deal with a family matter and while I was there I took the camera along on my morning walks around town. Galesburg was founded in 1836 and has some wonderful old buildings and architecture. There was a brick factory there, which was closed even by...

Sometime in NYC

Went with my daughter on a three day trip to New York City. Took along my newest camera the EM-1 mkII with a 12-40mm, 45mm, and 75mm. Also along was the Monochrome 246 with a 50mm summicron. The first day was a total wash out with a cold steady rain all day. I was glad to have the weather...

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