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pondering the impossible again - replacing my Olympus 75-300mm?

so it's winter again - that time of year when we ponder too much over our photo gear instead of using it :) I really like the Olympus 75-300mm for it's size&weight to performance ratio. It does have some shortcomings though: -slow and not super-accurate autofocus -in less than perfect light I...

50-140mm f/2.8 OIS WR XF


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B&W: Words/No Words

w-IMG_6327-2_IMG_6328-2-2 images.jpg

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A few winter light reflections from my dog walks:

Greeting Camerads!

The Cry of the Guanaco by John Flores, on Flickr I'm a motorcycle journalist, primarily for RoadRUNNER Magazine. I typically carry my camera gear in a backpack to protect against road vibrations, so I'm perpetually in search of smaller cameras that can get the job done...
DSCF0607b copy.jpg

If you're considering the Fuji 2X converter...

Here are a couple of more from this morning...

Fujifilm XF 55-200 f/3.5-4.8 OIS LM

From a zombie walk. X-E1 and quite a bit of post processing. One of my favorite things about the Fuji files is the capacity for them to take to post processing.

The Ricoh GR image thread

Yesterday evening down by the harbour

Impromptu Trip to Cannon Beach

The wife unit has been watching our neighbors two dogs for the past week so she's been pretty cooped up in the house. I was informed yesterday that we were going to the beach today if the weather was nice... well, it was pretty nice. Was the new pup's first visit to a proper beach. I don't...

On Safari at my local zoo w/55-200XF

Going to post a few shots from today's trip to the Brevard Zoo in Viera, Florida. Sunny and about 77 degrees today. Mostly with X-Pro2 and 55-200, but the last one was my X-E2.
DX85 skies 006.JPG

GX85 . . . some sky shots

(Images cross posted at M43) Cheers, Jock

Words/No Words: Color landscapes

Castle Hill in Newport.

Words/No Words: Color landscapes


Little night out

  • Alf
  • Feb 6, 2019
  • 11
So she comes home, and after a little shower we jump in the car and head east into town, like kids,to the show. Caparezza (curlyhair) And there’s more where these came from Caparezza 2018 by alfrjw

Canon G Series Image Thread

  • Bomo
  • Feb 6, 2019
  • 7
I shoot with M43 these days but always enjoyed and still have my Canon G9. Ghosts of relationships past by W B, on Flickr This is my lily... by W B, on Flickr

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