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Sometime in NYC

Went with my daughter on a three day trip to New York City. Took along my newest camera the EM-1 mkII with a 12-40mm, 45mm, and 75mm. Also along was the Monochrome 246 with a 50mm summicron. The first day was a total wash out with a cold steady rain all day. I was glad to have the weather...

Some images from Dartmoor

From last week's family outing to Devon. My son and his girlfriend live nearby in Exeter. This was our first major trip with Inky the terrier, who behaved impeccably and absolutely loved walking over the moor! In no particular order: Fingle Bridge Chromed by Martin Connolly, on Flickr...

Spring in the Sonoran Desert

Spring is all around us here in the desert southwest. The desert can be quite beautiful in the Spring after some good rain. Handheld closeups with a non-macro lens. The 28-70mm FE and my trusty A6000

Philly Street with the RX1R II

It's been quite a while since I just hit the streets in Philadelphia for the better part of a day. But yesterday was the day to take the RX1R II for it's maiden voyage of the sort I expect it'll take quite a few of. I don't seem to have the need to do this type of shooting ALL THE TIME anymore -...

Around town ... (PART 2)

Moving inside city limits, the town still feels more like an old farming town and less like a modern suburb. There are a lot of trees, and many evergreens still shed their leaves, branches … and pine cones. Pine Cone by MiguelATF, on ipernity Some streets are unpaved; many feature vehicles...

Around town ... (PART 1)

I live in Talent, Oregon, a small town in southern part of the state, whose population hovers somewhere between 6 and 7 thousand. I live in an old (1902) farmhouse just outside of city limits - where the countryside intersects, with varying degrees of discomfort, with the ever expanding city...

Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

A third series. Ho Chi Minh (saigon) is definitely worth a visit. It seems as if everyone is born and lives on a scooter. It is a vibrant city with lots of things to see.

Dublin Bay strolls

since moving to Dublin 6 months ago, the bay at low tide is where we do most of our weekend walks. At low tide the bay becomes this empty space... Like a 'wet desert' or a blank canvas. Not the most stimulating environment in itself - but the ever changing light and the ever changing details let...

Hoi An - Vietnam

Some photos took during a recent trip in Asia. These are taken in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Brick Lane Street Shots

The ever fragrant and ever lovely Mrs T went to see La La Land with a friend. I took the opportunity to high tail it to my favourite street shot hunting ground. Brick Lane, Spitalfields, in the East End of London, once populated by Huguenots, then Jews from Europe and now by Bangladeshis...


I spent a couple days in Savannah, GA last week and it quickly revealed itself as one of the handful (maybe two hands full) of most beautiful cities I've seen. It was my first time there but I'll be back. Next, since we're spending time in the South this winter, I'll have to check out...

Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles, NT, Australia)

Fantastic sight at dawn in the Northern Territory. Devils Marbles Stuart Highway by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr Devils Marbles Stuart Highway by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr Devils Marbles Stuart Highway by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr

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