Deleting Your Account

What does it mean to delete my account?

When we delete your account, we delete your member profile as well as your IP address and contact info including your email.

If you are banned for violating our Site Terms, we may maintain a copy of your email or IP address for the purposes of preventing you from further use of the site.

Does deleting my account mean that all of my content on the site will also be deleted

As stated in our Site Terms, deleting your account does not delete the content you have posted on our site. Be sure to edit any posts you want to edit and delete any gallery photos you want to delete before deleting your account. Once your account has been deleted, you will no longer be able to edit/delete them. Thread titles in some forums are permanent and cannot be edited.

If you would like erasure of any posts (content) containing your personal data on our website, you can edit/delete those posts yourself if you have an active membership here. If you do not have an active membership or require assistance, use the "Contact Us" link in the site footer (bottom of the page), and we will assist with erasure of that content. With the exception of content which contains personal data, we will not delete your posted content on request.

To request account deletion, please contact the site owner using this form with the subject "Account Deletion". Please include in your message what your forum username is and that you have read this help page on account deletion.