Terms/phrases you might see in the Cameraderie community...

Term/Phrase and Meaning
If a member says they're "looking for C&C" then it means that they are seeking comments and/or critique from other members.
Abbreviation of "Digital Asset Monitor", such as that in the Luminar by Skylum.
Short of "Depth of Field", the DOF of an image is the zone that is in focus as affected by the aperture settings. The smaller the aperture setting, the larger the DOF, the larger the aperture setting, a smaller DOF.
Shorthand for "Gear Acquisition Syndrome", the urge we all have to keep adding more gear to our collection!
"LR" is the commonly used abbreviation for Adobe Lightroom, the image processing software.
Used frequently here in the forums, "salon" is often used for a grouping of similar images and for challenges. For example, there could be a "superzoom salon" to highlight images from superzoom cameras. As most challenges are set using a specified criteria the individual challenge might also be referred to as a "salon" when talking about it.
A "Single In" challenge, abbreviated as "SiX" where "X" is the first letter of the month. "SiO" would be "Single In October" while "SiJ" would be in "Single in January" and so on. These types of challenges run for the entire month and participants are to post a single image every day using the specified challenge rules! Sometimes the challenger might be a particular camera and/or lens that is to be used, sometimes it might be a specific F-stop, sometimes it might a certain topic. Really, it could be anything and can change for every challenge. They are meant to be a fun community event that helps spur some creativity. Check out the Cameraderie Single In challenges by clicking here!
"SOOC" is an abbreviation for "Straight Out of Camera" to indicate the picture is being presented as it was captured by the camera with no post processing or editing of any kind.
Content tagged with "words/no words" basically means that it is not for critique of images, but rather a place of sharing. Of course it's always fine to tell someone how much you like their photographs. Often these threads will be use the abbreviation "W/NW".