Terms and rules

Site-wide rules:

  1. You must be at least 16 years old to use the site services. By agreeing to these terms, you attest that you are at least 16 years of age.
  2. No personal attacks or insults allowed.
  3. Be nice. Rude comments have no place here.
  4. Don't troll. In other words, don't bait people with inflammatory posts or make posts for the purpose of disruption.
  5. Don't use the forums for illegal activity. This includes but is not limited to posting links to or trading pirated photography-related applications.
  6. No obscene, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory posts or signatures.
  7. We are committed in all areas to providing an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based upon race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability/handicap condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veterans status, political affiliation, or other any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated.
  8. Nudity and sexually explicit images are not allowed. Basically the goal is for the content to be appropriate for all ages of readers in all of the countries from which we have a substantial readership. We also want the forums to be a place where all of our members can feel comfortable to participate.
  9. Discussion of politics and religion is not allowed anywhere on the site. Note that posting photos containing political or religious content is allowed. Only the discussion is not allowed.
  10. Commercial listings (camera dealers, items for sale, workshop offerings, etc) are not allowed anywhere on the site. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for site sponsors/advertisers.
  11. Don't spam the forums. Certain self-promotion is allowed (see below).
  12. Do not modify and repost a version of anyone else's image without explicit permission to do so.
  13. The owner and moderator team may remove, edit, move or close any thread, post, posted image, or other content in the forums or on any other part of this website.
  14. If you object to the comments or actions of a moderator, PM the moderator, an administrator, or the site owner. Do not post your objection in the forum. The purpose of this rule is to not censor members; it is to avoid repetitive bumping of topics which may harm the experience of other members on the site.
  15. Don't embed your affiliate sales codes in forum posts (will be treated as spam).
  16. Don't list items for sale in your signature. All such listings must be in Buy and Sell where we have posted the necessary warnings, disclosures, and tips for avoiding scammers.
  17. All of the rules on this page apply throughout the entire site. Our Buy and Sell forum has additional rules which you also agree to follow if you participate there. See the Buy & Sell forum for those rules. All Buy & Sell transactions on this site are at your own risk.

Site-wide rules regarding self-promotion:

  1. If you are not selling something, you may post to notify members of your outside photography-related content. Examples of acceptable promotion: 1) Announcing that you wrote a lens review for another site and sharing some of those insights (not a cut and paste) here; 2) Announcing that you have a gallery exhibition coming up. These posts should not be repeated, cross-posted, or bumped by the original poster. If your repeatedly post links to your site/blog and you otherwise contribute nothing to the forum, that will be treated as spam (at the discretion of our moderators). There is some gray area here. If a moderator feels that you are abusing this privilege, they have full discretion to edit/delete/ban as they deem appropriate.
  2. If you are selling something, whether it is a product or service, workshop with registration fee, etc, for profit or not for profit, contact a site administrator before posting about it. In most cases, these requests will be denied. We may make exceptions for items which are of particular benefit to members. If permitted to make such a post, you must specify at the end of the post that you had permission from the forum admin so that there is no precedent set for others to sell their products without asking. Again, such posts should not be repeated, cross-posted, or bumped.
  3. You may place information about your own photography-related site and/or products and services in your signature. You may not use the signature area to promote products and services unrelated to photography. Do not spam the forum with posts to get your links up. If moderators think your signature promotion is excessive or that you are abusing this privilege, they have full discretion to edit/delete/ban as they deem appropriate.
  4. You are not allowed to list items for sale in your signature.

Site-wide rules regarding copyright:

  1. By posting your own words or images one this site, you are giving permission for those words or image to be shown and/or quoted here in the forums. The owner and moderator team of the site may remove, edit, move, lock, or close any thread, post, posted image, or other content in the forums or on any other part of this website.
  2. All threads, posts and opinions expressed in this forum are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs or opinions of the site owner, operators or administrative volunteers.
  3. Once posted/uploaded to the site, your words and images are available to the general public. We have no control over and offer no protection against how anyone utilizes your posts and/or images after obtaining them here, nor can we help you to delete your posts other places on the internet (Google cache, etc).
  4. If you would like erasure of any posts (content) containing your personal data on our website, you can edit/delete those posts yourself if you have an active membership here. If you do not have an active membership or require assistance, please contact a site administrator or use the "Contact Us" link in the site footer (bottom of the page), and we will assist with erasure of that content. With the exception of content which contain personal data, we will NOT delete your content on request.
  5. In general, we strongly discourage you from editing or deleting large numbers of previous posts, since that may leave thread discussions "broken" or confusing to those who read them in the future. Post/thread titles in some forums are permanent and cannot be edited. You also cannot delete threads which you have started. If you no longer maintain an account in good standing for any reason, whether because you requested your account closed or were banned, you will no longer be able to edit or remove any content you have contributed to the site.
  6. You can request account deletion using the "Contact Us" link in the site footer (bottom of the page). Account deletion removes all profile information including your contact information.
  7. Deleting an account does not remove previously made posts from the forums, nor quotes of those posts by other members. Deleting an account is permanent. Be sure to edit any posts you want to edit and delete any gallery photos you want to delete before deleting your account. Once your account has been canceled, you will no longer be able to edit them.
  8. It is against our site rules to modify and repost a version of anyone else's image without explicit permission to do so.
  9. Do not post anyone else's photographic work, modified or otherwise, in any of our forums, galleries, or other site sections without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.
  10. You may post a small quoted excerpt of a post or article from another site here with attribution and a link back to the source. The amount of the text which you copy and post here should be very limited in relation to the original work. A small excerpt can be used as a point of discussion or as part of a news summary. If the scope of a quote is enough to disincentivize people from reading the source, ie all the content has been disclosed here, then it goes beyond what is allowed on this site.
  11. If you post someone else's copyrighted photographic work in the forums, please specify the nature of your use (used with permission of copyright holder, used under creative commons license, etc) and be sure attribute the work properly. Attached/embedded images thought to violate copyright will be deleted.
  12. Copyright is a complicated subject, and laws differ in different countries. We realize that a case could be made for fair use in some specific situations which are beyond the scope of what is discussed here. However, this is a privately owned and maintained site, and the above rules are our rules which apply site-wide in addition to any applicable laws.

Additional rules for our Buy, Sell, and Trade forum:

  1. Buy, sell, and trade at your own risk. All transactions are strictly at your own risk. This site is not affiliated with anyone buying or selling on the board. We are not liable for any misrepresentation, fraud or spam posted here. Always verify the seller's reputation on other photography boards and/or auction sites. Remember that personal/gift payments via PayPal offer no buyer protection whatsoever. We offer this board for member use. However, we do not actively patrol this board for fraud, and we are not responsible for arbitrating any disputes which arise. None of the transactions made on this board are representative of the site owner or providers. We reserve the right to immediately remove any post in this section for any reason. We reserve the right to exclude any person(s) from use of this forum for any reason. No guarantee is made with regards to provision of services in this Buy and Sell area.
  2. "For Sale" listings must include an asking price for every item being sold. Any FS or FS/FT listings without an asking price will be deleted without comment or opportunity to amend. Giving an astronomical price and adding "or best offer" does not satisfy this requirement. Note: FT, WTB and Ebay threads do not have to include a price.
  3. No discussion of price is allowed in the replies to a listing. The only exception to this is that you are allowed to say the equivalent of "Great price!" if someone gives a particularly good selling price. You may not in any other way comment on or discuss price in a reply to any listing. All comments about price must take place by private message (PM) or email. You need at least one post in the main forum (outside of Buy and Sell) to be able to PM, and this post should not be "I am posting so I can PM" or equivalent. If you are unable to PM, an alternative is to post a reply in the thread with your email address asking to be contacted that way. Being unable to PM is not a legitimate reason for commenting on price in a reply to a listing.
  4. No off-topic discussion in Buy & Sell. For example, don't ask why someone is selling an item or comment about how a trade offer is unrealistic. You can PM with such questions/comments, but they don't belong in the thread.
  5. No auctions may be carried out within our forum.
  6. Photography-related transactions only. Computers and tablets are used to edit/view photos and therefore may be bought/sold here.
  7. No commercial vendor sales. Commercial dealers interested in advertising on the site should contact us directly using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.
  8. You can only start a new topic/thread per day (24 hours). No redundant listings. If you are selling or seeking more than one item, we encourage you to combine them in a single listing. No single item should be listed in more than one open thread at any given time.
  9. Don't leave feedback unless you have had a transaction. We have a feedback system so you can leave feedback after a transaction. Leaving feedback before a transaction (eg, negative feedback because the price is too high or the seller won't ship to your location) is not allowed. Please think carefully before leaving feedback. All feedback is permanent. Don't leave negative feedback to provoke a response with plans to change your feedback later. You cannot change it, and we will not change it for you.
  10. Don't use a lot of caps in your thread title. Don't overuse capitalization to get your classifieds listing noticed. Your thread will be deleted without comment or opportunity to amend.
  11. Don't make a new post to say "Sold" or "Found" when your transaction has been completed. Just mark it as completed. Posting to say that a transaction is finished serves no purpose and bumps your thread unnecessarily to the top of the list where active listings belong. Instead, follow our protocol for marking the thread as completed. If you want to specify something like "Sold to [member name]", edit one or more of your existing posts in the thread instead of making a new one. This must be done prior to marking as completed, which closes the thread permanently.
  12. Don't ask moderators to open, close, delete or change thread titles. You can edit your title and body of your ad for 72 hours. After that it is permanent. You can add a post to your original thread indicating any necessary update (eg, change in asking price), or you can mark your thread as completed and start a new one. Even if it has been less than 72 hours and you are having difficulties, do not ask a moderator to do this for you. Moderators do not have time to perform such services in the Buy and Sell area. You can post a thread in our Help forum if you are having technical problems with the board.
  13. Don't post under more than one user name. Some people have chosen to post under multiple registered accounts/user names in order to bump their own posts, comment on how good their own prices are, or even to give themselves feedback. This abuse of the forum will result in a permanent ban.

Additional terms:

By accessing and using this web site, you accept and agreee to be bound by ther terms and provision of the Terms of Service ("TOS"), which may be changed at any time without notice.

The owner and providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts ("Content"). Content submitted express the views of their author only.

You must be aged 16 or over to use the Services.

You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws.

The Service is provided "AS-IS". We assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, misdelivery, or failure to store any user communications or content.

All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed by volunteer team members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We reserve the right to take action against any account with the Service at any time.

You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

We may retain a copy of hot-linked or embedded media Content to be stored and published for the sake of providing a secure, long-lasting, high performance environment in connection with the Service. Media Content uploaded to or copied to our servers may be compressed and in some cases may lose associated metadata as a result of our service limitations and/or attempts to improve site performance for users.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of Content you submit, post, transmit, modify or otherwise make available through the Services, your violation of the TOS, or your violation of any rights of another.

We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Services (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Services

You may terminate your site account, any associated email address, and access to the Services by submitting such termination request to us. You agree that we may, without prior notice, immediately terminate, limit your access to or suspend your account and access to the Services in our sole discretion and that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for termination of your account.

You expressly understand and agree that your use of the Services and software are at your sole risk. The Services and software are provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. We expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

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