Whitelisting Cameraderie in Your Ad Blocker

Why should I consider whitelisting Cameraderie.org?

  • We need ad revenue to pay our server bills
  • Just viewing the ads helps us even if you never click on them.
  • We do our very best to keep our ads non-interruptive, fast, and secure.
  • We have inexpensive subscription options for those who hate all ads but want to support our efforts.

How do I whitelist Cameraderie.org without affecting my ad blocking preferences on other sites?

  • AdBlock Plus (Chrome): Click the ABP stop sign icon in your toolbar, and slide the power icon where it says "Block Ads On Cameraderie.org" to the left.
  • AdBlock Plus (Firefox): Click the the ABP stop sign icon in your toolbar, and click "Disable on cameraderie.org".
  • uBlock Origin: Click the uBlock shield in your toolbar, and click the power symbol.
  • Privacy Badger: Click on the badget icon in your toolbar and select the "Disable Privacy Badger for this site" option.
Thank you for supporting Cameraderie.org!