Like I said on the flickr post, around here it
all molecules all the time this week.
We got this organic inorganic chemistry set for building molecular models.
My experience with chemistry starts and ends with Amidol, Microdol, and Xtol.
Anybody out there know how to build a model of small molecule c-met inhibitors used in cancer treatment?
And there I thought it was a baby's or dog's toy!

Clearly can't help you on the molecular models, JH, but I bet some others here will be able to. Drop a note to Russ AKA chromatin64, he may well know.
I thought dog toy and house breaking accident
:rofl: ...so did I!

Like it so much more with the benefit of your explanation. So here we are zooming into a single molecule of the entire puddle. Very thought-provoking..
Will, Marlof, lili, stillshunter,
Thank you all for looking!
Thanks too for bringing curiosity, thought and humor.
Keep Eager.
Got you straight off pal, very funny.
Try getting hold of the data sheet for the drug you want, often they have small diagrams of the structure which would give you a guide.

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