Got this done on Friday.
Couldn't deal with it until this morning.
Model of erlotiinib (Tarceva) molecule for story on the emperor of maladies (cancer)
and the drug's use in the treatment of lung cancer in particular.
Two lights:
580ex @1/4 in 15 inch gridded dish above chair as key
sf24d at 1/32 with DIY gridded snoot for molecule.
Really like this - the chair and the molecule have nothing in common it seems, but together they make a powerful image.
Oh this is simply brilliant!!! I hope this isn't seen as an insult - as taste in Art and artists is so subjective - but this has something of Magritte about it. Reminiscent of his Liberator. Please don't ask me why, just calling it how I see it. I think it has something to do with the colour rendering and the symbolism...like modern alchemy is our modern day pipe, dove, wine and key.

Superb lighting too BTW!
Chemistry ... aargh. Love the colors and textures though. That red is very nice. The chair is almost like a throne.
oooh, more chemistry! Seriously, a good juxtaposition of two very human creations, both useful but in very different ways. Of course, it's also a technically nice still life.
Wonderfully conceived and "executed". Thank you so much, too, for the backstory on what you're up to. Powerful and intriguing, even to us non-chemists. You're a master at lighting, JH.
Thanks to each of you for you comments.
While I made the photograph I have to say it was the result of several individual's efforts.
Collecting the chair, constructing the molecule accurately in particular.
I'm so glad it communicates the idea and in stillshunter's case reminded him of Magritte's Liberator.

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