This award means "no more ramen" is our plan for the cut line.
Scholarship is a topic that doesn't often bring up memories of frivolity.
Especially with academic administrators.
As we planned this I was remembering Winogrand's admonition,
"As photographers we've got a hell of a problem here.
We're faced with making something theatrical out of something that isn't."
He was talking about shooting on the street, but it applies any time I pick up my camera.
The mindful approach is the most satisfying for me, but sometimes you have to direct fortune.
In those instances it's often difficult to get the non actors to relax enough to play.
One light:
Canon 580ex @1/4 shot through Profoto translucent umbrella
Once again Lili beat me to it. It is very Last Supper. Great lighting and composition. My only quibble is....if only the second girl from the right didn't look directly at the camera....
Celebratory! These players definitely look both happy and real.

JH, you know how to make the camera and your "actors" do their things, beautifully.
Funny, I got last supper too, though there is not a hint of sadness here... well, perhaps it is "The Last Ramen Supper."

As for the girl engaging the camera, I will agree it might have better if she had not, at least she did not do the pucker thing so many people seem to be compelled to do. Heh.

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