I came across this mural while running errands today.
I was reminded of the wily dowager countess' first encounter with one of these chairs.
Arms in the air seeming to fall backwards and grabbing the desk top.
She, of course took advantage of the moment to complain
about the indignity of her daily encounters with Americans.
Records tell me that Thomas Jefferson did have a hand in making an early example of a swiveling chair.
He probably imagined a flying one too but wouldn't have considered such a neck tie.
I suppose that's one of your "off the wall" shots

imaginative, as always

Are you referring to the character played by Dame Maggie Smith in "Downton Abbey"?:wink: If not, she pretty much did the same thing but I believe it was in Matthew's law office, if memory serves.

When I saw the thumbnail, I thought for sure this was going to be one of yours.

What a surprise to see something like this! Taking his head off was a wonderful device, JH! I bet the Dowager of Grantham would approve.:biggrin:
So glad the larger version clarified what was making my head spin with the thumbnail. Well seen and shot!
ohhhh great shot! Thankfully I saw from the thumbnail what was going on, but it's so dynamic and full of cheekiness, I love it! Not including his head adds a load of energy and movement to the shot, well done!

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