I took a short walk this morning to a creek that originates just north of our house.
Nice ice and water. I caught myself trying to deny this photograph as I recomposed and cropped to remove ignore the discarded printer.
Then I got to thinking about something Kurt Vonnegut wrote in his book Man Without a Country.
"This is how crazy we are. I think the planet's immune system is trying to get rid of us with AIDS and new strains of flu and tuberculosis and so on. I think the planet should get rid of us."
I was put off at first reading that, but I remember it.
We're going to take A down and drag this one out.
ever seen the movie "office space" ?

I'd link to to the relevant clip but I fear the soundtrack might offend ...
Excellent detail in the icey layers, but what a sad reflection on our throwaway society.

Ice-nine, me thinks.

I did an independent study in my first year of college on Kurt Vonnegut, may he rest in peace.

Why do humans do theses things?
Makes me want to buy a printer made out of wood. Beautiful (and sad) shot.
Mixed emotions - the pleasure of the detail in the ice and water and the discomfort with our throw-away society. Well seen.
I wonder if the ex owner of this printer belonged to the serious printers forum and this was a by-product of his/her uncontrolled gas! Food for thought.

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