1/4- Melrose at Night

1/4- Melrose at Night

I had some other images I was going to post from today, but as I was waiting for the valet to bring my car up after dinner I snapped this image. ISO 1600 handheld. Color Efx
Bob, another spectacular shot. Rather than wax lyrical like previous comments - which I realise sound more like the rants of a high school art teacher :blush: All I really need to say more is that the feeling of this image - helped by both the composition, light and processing - are simply top shelf! I am astounded by your work each day!
Love the colors, the starry lights, the grain, the light, the lines formed by the road. Excellent work. If I would have to make one suggestion, it'd be that the Passenger Loading pole could have used a tad more breathing space by lowering yourself a little. The ring on the ground now touches the frame, and somehow that disturbs me a bit. But I only say that since I found this images intriguing enough to study for a while.
Thanks, the bottom is actually in the frame I just pushed the border up a little much maybe, but I am okay with it the way it is now, sort of like a beauty mark:rolleyes:

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