An apple, an orange and a lime

An apple, an orange and a lime

I went out this afternoon and shot a lot of skaters on the canal. Came home and discovered that the card had a crack in one of its contacts and was therefore unreadable. Here is a 'still life' that I've tried to make interesting in SFX pro2.
Sorry to hear that Kathy, a casualty of the cold? Meanwhile, nice save with the still life. Excellent control of those tones.
Interesting in black and white, though the orange looks less appetising.
Gosh that must have been maddening, Kathy...thank goodness that didn't happen on your vacation!

You did well...a black and white still life of fruit is not an easy thing to do, but you did it very well.
Curious 3D effect, with the lime/lemon looking strangely separated in a different focal plane. Makes this image fascinating to me.
that must've been frustrating indeed, but like BB said, thankfully it didn't happen when you were on holiday! Any idea what caused it?

great textures in this photo, by the way!

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