Day 26

Day 26

My restrictions are, Olympus 17mm f1.8, aspect ratio 3:2, straight out of camera jpegs, absolutely no post processing of any kind. I guess this used to be a pier. Shot hand held in P Mode (thank you IBIS), 1/3 sec, f1.8, iso 1600, exposure compensation -1.0.
Impressive performance of both camera and photographer - handheld at 1/3s! Nice IQ in general, too - another proof of the merits of this early :mu43: sensor and processor combo. Makes me wonder if I should get my E-PM1 fixed after all ...
@MoonMind Thanks, it's actually an E-P5 which, although not the E-PM1, isn't exactly new. Having said that, I'm going to keep using it for the foreseeable future, I don't see how that new Pen F is going to improve my technique or produce better images. As intimated in my summary, I do have a lot to thank IBIS for and the funny thing is, I've been lusting after the new RX1, but could I do this same shot with that camera but without IBIS? Probably not.
@rayvonn Ah - got the camera wrong; to me, the 16MP sensor is still impressive. That doesn't take away anything from what I said about the image - after all, it's the image that caught my eye, not the data! But I think marlof is using the E-P1 - my thinko ...

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