My restrictions are, Olympus 17mm f1.8, aspect ratio 3:2, straight out of camera jpegs, absolutely no post processing of any kind. Another rain shot but what can I say, the weather's awful this week. This is what its like here. Shot in shutter priority mode, 1/640, iso 250.
Additional comments: Trying to get colour out of miserable days like this is like p”*)(^#g in the wind, so today I gave the camera’s monotone setting a try. To get these kind of tones in this weather required a -7 exposure setting and evaluative metering setting. Whilst I found that these settings in this sort of dark weather will effectively black out people’s faces, it’s handy for translating the right toning to subjects such as the umbrella in this image. Plus, sharpness was cranked up to +2. No doubt the increased sharpness will show diffraction if looking at the image very closely, but it doesn’t seem to harm the image at first look.
maybe just too many horizontals, diagonals, verticals and lines ... too confused an image ......... but that could be your intention

The idea is good, but IMHO it is not quite "there"
I like it but I think I would have given it a tight crop and emphasised those heads under the brollies.
@christilou Thanks for the constructive comment and noted. I know what you're saying about people under the umbrellas - the thing is, in the sea of rain at the time of taking the picture, you couldn't see anyone's face, all you could see in front of you was umbrella after umbrella in your face and little else, so I suppose to that end that was what I was trying to convey. Cheers.

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