Mixed day weatherwise - bright periods but mostly fine rain coming from the west - the image is looking NW taken from our back garden which rises steeply in parts
Sigh.....wonderful, Bill - such a view.... I'm in love with that spot you and your wife have made home.
Bill, we need to know, was that view obliterated by rain or did that storm pass you by?
Hi Barrie - we live near the ridge top on the SE side of the valley - you can see the Chateau which is on the other side of the valley at about the same position only facing towards us - the valley bottom is quite wide, (that's were the bulls are) - plus all the local springs run down into the small river in the valley bottom.

When the rain comes, (which it does quite often), most of the time you can see it move across the valley from the west - and today was no exception - but the rain was that fine stuff and it just blocked the view across the valley for about 10 mins before clearing.

The local geography - I suppose that is why I'm being drawn towards bird photography - as there is such a range of habitat within 5 mins in each direction - the problem that I am finding is that to take (good, clear), images I will need to spend quite a large amount of cash - i.e. to get images that are as good as what I see thru my Leitz 8 x 32 bins - so I'm considering all alternatives, (apart from crawling about in the mud and bushes) - we also have a problem with wild boar of the very large variety.

Thanks to all for your comments
Nice colours, and the texture of the rooftop is amazing. Seems there's a self-contained ecosystem happening up there with the moss, lichen and the likes...and they would love the rain!

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