Getting Ready for the Super Bowl, New England 2012

Getting Ready for the Super Bowl, New England 2012

The supermarket is getting ready to provide everything you need and more for your super bowl party :)
those shelves look full and there are more lights on than a Christmas tree
I know angled shots are OK, but I always feel a little topsy-turvey when I look at them. Was there a particular reason for it in this shot? I would think a "straight" one would be OK, too. The tones and IQ are excellent.
It looks like they forgot to put up the suspended ceiling to hide all the services and ducts, or don't you do such niceties?

Perfect - oh the endless consumption! Love the fellow who happened to be yawning... Just looking at this is enough to make me keel over!
reporting from Packer country there is nothing but sadness and heartache in our grocery stores......and excess cheese trays
The aggression on the face of the inflatable next to the yawning man make for a wonderful contrast. I presume the angle is partly to get everything into the frame?
Might just be my base Aussie humour, but love the story...

....triumphant looking Boo-Ya! expression (on the blow-ups face) - behind which is a lot of cheese and a poor victim who seems to be fighting to keep something offensive from his nostrils. :laugh1:

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