I like it for its different angles and reflections... how does the glass stay up?
that looks a bit fancy

(if you cannot get out there is plenty to shoot inside the house)
Oh, you Goth, you Lili :wink:

What powerful subject matter. Looks like the glass 'cube' is piercing the painting and creating the bleeding wounds.
Gothic? This looks like the stuff that bad dreams could be made in some kind of gothic horror tale?
I should have continued my comments, Lili. Forgive me. I do find it "disturbing" but not in the way that I mean you shouldn't have photographed it. Last night I didn't see the couple kissing etched into the glass... I will say that I find it confusing - again, not meaning my confusion as a criticism, just as my reaction. The love depicted over the image of a young woman who has her gown splattered with blood is disturbing, isn't it? Not meaning this in a pejorative way at all, Lili.

As for my gothic horror comment, I always have like gothic tales...such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.

If you feel like telling the story behind the image, I'm sure it would be interesting - but it also stands well on its own, even if I am misreading it.

So I hope I've made myself clearer in morning's light, Lili. I'm thinking Karen's "Unrequited Love" might be more of what it's about?
it's actually easier to see when you step back a bit. Very clever and cool.

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