Horizontals & Verticals

Horizontals & Verticals

got my feet up this evening so I've taken a few shots inside in artificial light which always reveal study areas.
Never quite sure which to go for - square the horizontals or try to keep the verticals as vertical as possible and try to fix converging verticals. -
Tripod used

changed image after mess up with first posting - sorry kathyH
Nice. You have a lovely home.

As for the dilemma, either is valid, but you can usually only choose one. And choosing the horizontals usually means showing them dead on, which often times does not feel interesting. Where there are horizontals near the center of a frame that move towards you or away from you, all things being equal, they should square up. The shot I did of the gate has virtual squared lines running through the center of the gate.

In your photo, witness for example the frame over the table. That is close to straight across the frame, thought it is a bit high to be perfect. Even better, look at the lower edge of the lamp shade. It appears to be a smidge off, but is at the point where the horizontal even in this perspective draws a straight line.

But above and beyond all that, I usually pick a line somewhere near the edge of the frame and square up if possible. Your choice of squaring to the mirror on the left would have been my choice too. Works perfectly and much better than a straight on shot of the table. You have converging horizontals here and I always find this more interesting than perfectly square.

Agreed about the painting framed by the mirror - excellent! A lovely, comfortable and highly civilized interior, Bill. My compliments to your wife - and to you, too, of course.
your home is lovely, but your wall outlets look funny ; )
Really well thought out shot. I love it!

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