Jan 15 - James
It has been rankling with me that I haven't put up a people shot yet.

Meet my Son, James. He is 18, going to art college, with a lovely girlfriend and an interview for a new job on Tuesday.

He is also massively hung over, having celebrated a friend's birthday last night. We had just had a "hair of the dog" lunch and gone through his redundancy forms (see Jan 12) when he agreed to pose for this shot. I see a bit of the film noir in this, and 100% James.

He likes it too.
They say 28mm is not a flattering FL for portraits, but man were they wrong! This is a great portrayal!!! Not knowing your son, though you say it reflects him 100%, it shows a pretty tough exterior with a soft interior. Nice gritty feel....reflective of the hang-over maybe :wink: And that side lighting is great.
Great image, Bill. I'd think that your son would love to have a print of this - if not, certainly his girlfriend would.

You really do know how to make the most of your GRD and black and white.

Best of luck to him in his hunt and I hope he finds a good spot soon!:drinks:

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