Jan 17 - Pushed Around
I must have been off my trolley when I took this. Aisle be carted away in no time, you'll see - just another basket case...

To be fair this is a rare sight; my local Waitrose is so efficiently run that a build-up of trollies in the car park is almost unheard of. Walk - stand - capture - shop. Bought a couple of nice duck breasts, on special offer. Will go well with a blueberry and port jus on a bed of fluffy arborio rice...
fluffy arborio ?
too much starch in arborio for that, you'll be needing jasmine or basmati really.
Cool shot - I have to say that I do like chrome and high contrast is a great thing, Bill! "Aisle" be right over for dinner!:wink:
nice repetition and contrast - and well done on the triple or quadruple wordplay:biggrin: your dinner suggestion sounds great, by the way!

I like the repetition being thrown out by the first trolly. Well seen.
Oh what a PUNishing first sentence. I love a good pun and you've set me off in paroxysms! Great shot, too :)
The shot is strong enough to excuse the puns :biggrin:.

I too like the disparate first trolley breaking the uniformity.

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