Jan 22 - Duelling Bibliophiles

Jan 22 - Duelling Bibliophiles

The two men circled the table of books, each watching the other as they moved. Hunt - peck - select - discard... The game went on. Neither had a clear advantage... so much to choose from... but neither would back down until one had found that special copy of Thomas the Tank Engine...
Excellent on every level!

Bill, you "take the cake" on the story lines... This is fantastic.

I'm still laughing having just burst out with a big one while my family is glued to the big football game between the NY Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.:wink:
They look like two agents from the "Cold War" - one in a "Mac" and the other in a Suit and Waistcoat
I love books, but hate looking for a good one. This picture has a gloomy, discouraging look to me the illustrates my attitude at looking, looking, looking....:frown: Well captured.:)
As said a wonderful image - we even have the battle between white and black outfits.

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