Jan 23 - Out of Focus

Sorry I'm late with yesterday's assignment. I'll do lines to make up.

This one may need explaining to non-UK readers... "Focus DoItAll" (known in our household as "Focus Buggerall") was a DIY store that went under last year. The shadow left by the sign seems somehow both poignant and appropriate.
He he, your title almost put me off, I'm not keen on shots with lots of out of focus in them, but now I see the light, a cunning play on words. Are those hopeful customers parked there, or didn't they get out before the doors were locked for the last time?

clearly a "sell" sign - sell you shares, (stocks for you US guys) in the company, (corporation) - if you have any
Poignant for all who lost their jobs, yes.

A strong image and one that does have universal meaning, alas.
nice composition. I'd love to see this shot with a super shallow dof where only the sign was in focus.

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