Jan 24 - His and Hers
I was away last night, got home late tonight. I've had this idea for a while, but decided to make it real this evening. I have size 14 feet, whilst my beloved has size 5... She doesn't wear these all the time, btw...
Great angle, Bill and you handled the two very different styles wonderfully in your arrangement. Quite the juxtaposition there!

Lovely tonal range in your b&w - very well done.
your shoes look worn and comfy....broken in. Hers will look like that for another 20 years. I like broken-in comfy shoes. Women (and their shoe selections) are crazy.
The contrast between the shoes is great, they almost look like you have processed them separately.
I'm with you on these shoes Bill. They look like they're good for a whole day's wearing.....the others, nice to look at but why, why, why do ladies do it to themselves?

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