Jan 3 - Looking Down

Jan 3 - Looking Down

The weather was terrible today. Then there was a break in the clouds. I went looking for shapes and textures. The street was easy, waiting for the right people was hard...
Well it worked out nicely for you. Worth the wait.
Not sure about that black triangle top left though.
No, not too happy about the black triangle myself. Couldn't crop it out without disturbing the symmetry though. :frown:
Like the texture of the pavings Bill, and the random light coloured pavings...it does look like they are being avoided. :wink: Also the look of the spent gum along the path...screams of city streets to me!....and as a country bumpkin know it brings back some very fond memories.
Exactly - nice sneaker with those white soles! Gritty and graphic, Bill - just what you need on a dark, drizzly day! The textures and black and white all worked out well. I keep thinking it's a giant chessboard!
I like it a lot, you might have been able to lose the triangle with some subtle cloning

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