Jan 30 - Back to Leitz, back to reality...

Jan 30 - Back to Leitz, back to reality...

...with apologies to Jazzie B and the rest of Soul 2 Soul ;0)

So. This is my usual weapon of choice for funtime street shooting. No plastic, no batteries, no artificial aids, no safety net. Just brass and glass. If I get it right I have only myself to praise. If I get it wrong, I have only myself to blame.

A bit of time, a roll of film, and thou beside me in the wilderness.

I've missed using it. I shall burn a roll in the next few days.

Or two.

Or three...
I'm completely and utterly envious. I'm waiting for a few rolls of T-Max to arrive for the Canonet QL17-L - should be here in a couple of days now. So keeping the shutter nice and warmed with a ritual daily work out. The old film RF feels so good in hand, too good in fact, that more than 75% of the tabs open in my browser are hunts for that M2 or M4 that I must just have. :blush:
Some people just have the nicest toys... All kidding aside, beautiful camera and great shot.
That's a beauty! Nice B&W rendering too. This made me go to Ebay and look for old film cameras ... must resist :)

cool camera, cool image, I just picked up a couple of old Nikon rangefinders to start playing with film again

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