Jan 4 - Memory
First day back at work today - bit of a shock to the system and a crimp on time.

There are two of these boxes in my study. Each compartment contains one or more items that brings back memories of places, times and people past.
I'm reminded of those first photographs.
Their desks and Sudek's labrynths.
A box full of memories, now there's a good subject. I like the look of all the different materials.
a psychoanalytic image, or maybe á la recherche de temps perdu ... I like

@JH ... how did I never come across Sudek before? ridiculous ... Thank you!
Bill, I see this as a window into your life...or parts of your life. I'm intrigued by the Midget Dictionary because it caught my eye first with that hand lens (?)... If I lived over your way, I'd want to hear the stories that each compartment holds for you.

A very personal image that can still speak to many.
Dang, you just missed out on the Still Life challenge. This would have been very fitting! Having said that, it's very telling of our Bill :wink:. Love how the mind is left to weave a tale from these little road markers....the pebble centre left has me compelled I must say!

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