Jan 6 - What's in a Name...?

Jan 6 - What's in a Name...?

Busy day today... Very little time to think, let alone take a picture. So, if in doubt aim for a cheap laugh at own expense...

Palmer is not only my surname it is also a rather good champagne house; I always keep a bottle or two in the rack. Some years ago I gave one to one of my ex-wives in a wrong headed attempt at burying the hatchet in something other than my ex-mother in law's head. It took weeks before I found out that she then thought I had lied about how much money I had when I divorced her, and had invested it in a winery... ;0)
whahaha that story is great! That alone must be reason enough to keep a bottle in the house at all times!:laugh1:
Bill, you do make me laugh! From the "to one of my ex-wives" to the "mother-in-law" remark, tongue in cheek of course! I like your "cheap shot" with angle of view and the high contrastiness. Always a good idea to have some champagne around, too!:wink:

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