July 03 - Footprints in the sand

July 03 - Footprints in the sand

Another one from the weekend at the beach and another lovely winter's day.
Are those your foot prints in the bottom corner of the picture? Unusual angle, but I like it all the same.
It was 30 degrees plus here today and so I'm not with you on this - (nb - please convert to fahrenheit for the US lot) - it's sand so it must be warm, yes - but from a distance it reminds me of snow
No, not our footprints (and they are heading in the opposite direction to the subject).

The temp wouldn't have cracked 10 degrees (50 farenheit) for the day. Cold for sure but that's about as bad as it gets at sea level around here.
The tilt makes makes an interesting POV and the footsteps going the other way raises its own questions.
This screams Aussie beach to me mate. Well in winter anyways... The dog is the cherry on top with it's footprints betraying his adventure.

Great perspective

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