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Local Des Res

Must be quite historic as it is next to a very old, but crumbling, Chateaux.

But like lots of rural French property it has been left to decay, usually because of French property law.
Not sure if there is a refurb job planned but the front door and surround is very impressive

front door is here
What an amazing house.....can imagine it clothed in vines and me sitting on that portico with a fresh steaming cup of espresso contemplating my magnum opus - emphasis on the "contemplating" and nil stress on the doing :blush: It does seem such a serene place.
I'd like to sit in that house and drink some exotic vintage wine.....like it's water.....LOL. Beautiful shot.
Lovely building, and a nice unobtrusive photo - shows the subject without trying to interpret it for you. Nice one.
I remember my short stays in Scicily and wondering why many buildings had people living in them but were not finished. I soon learned the reason, taxes were not levied on an unfinished property.

Yes, only someone long ago could tell us what went on there before.
Like others have said, such a beautiful house but such a melancholic sight, indeed makes me wonder what it has seen. Also great job on the sky, love the nuanced colour shifts!
I just love the look of these old buildings and wish I had the wherewithal to restore one. Like Mark, I can see myself there with good coffee and relaxing, just gazing out at the view, rather than contemplating the magnum opus. Its a lovely photograph, Bill, and perfectly captures the desolation and decay. Its left me a bit sad.
Such beautiful subtle colors, Bill. I envy you your scenery. So civilized, even if somewhat in disrepair.

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