Local Village - partly built n a hill side

Local Village - partly built n a hill side

Not much happening this morning - miserable day - misty and the morning temperature has increased from zero to 7 C degrees from yesterday.

Done my duty for today - photographically speaking, that is!!!
I'm assuming that's the rear of the houses, so the non photogenic side, not that that's stopped you.
The rain is sweeping across the landscape here, but is forecast to clear later, so a waiting game today.

Barrie - yes it is the "backside" (of the houses) as the Germans say.

Went to see my two favourite (Grey) Herons this morning - still cannot get near them - they fly off as soon as I get anywhere reasonable -but they are quite majestic in flight. Do not think it will clear up here today - but we are back to the UK at the weekend, (by car and Caen/Portsmouth ferry), so I may get a few opportunities to capture a few images of our feathered friends
You have captured the grey, flat light well. Like the tree branch intruding top left to frame the shot.
Nice diagonal composition and yet so peaceful. Really like the hues (especially the yellows) that accentuate the feeling of 'grey'.
nice mood, quiet and a bit melancholic, if only for summer. I like the little peak at the village you're providing us...
Although it may have felt like a miserable day to you, Bill, that's not the feeling I get from this image. Perhaps, I'm just a sucker for the picturesque, but I don't think so.

Beautifully framed and to me the scene is quite lovely as well. I'll trade you these "backsides" to what I get to look at around here any day!;)

Enjoy your trip!

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