Nap Time

Nap Time

Had to get at least on Kitty photo in here!
Feeling better after sleeping most of the day.
Fred helped me nap by purring like Cummins Turbo Diesel idling
Agreed, without a pet picture, any portfolio is incomplete. This one lends itself well to B&W, to concentrate on the shapes formed by all that hair.
As usual Lili your kitty is super Fred supposed to be guarding your purse (bottom right hand corner) while asleep on duty?
Beautifully peaceful portrait - the shape of his head from this angle reminds me of a caracal :)
Thanks all! Mark Fred is sleeping on/in my vintage, fringed, heavy leather Biker jacket. He is a Lap Cat and loves leather, so my jacket is Heaven for him!
What percentage of 24 hours do cats sleep? It's something astounding, I know. Although I'd rather come back as a well loved dog, cats do have it pretty darn good.

Lovely sleeping closeup, Lili - and I love those whiskers!
Fred is handsome lad. Maybe it's weird, but I love photos of sleeping animals. Maybe it just makes me yearn for a peace that higher functioning brains can never know. Rest well,'ve got no worries.

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