Nearly There
Another still-life, sorry. The calendar was my grandfather's. The propelling pencil belonged to my mother. It's GPO-issue. It has a big knob on the end to use on rotary dial 'phones. She ran a telephone exchange in the 1950s. The note pad is from a hotel in Singapore. The 'phone... can you spot what's odd about that?

Not long now...
Had one of those phones for years. Too many holes in the dialer. There should only be 1-9 + 0. Unless I can't count.
I believe the others have caught must be a fake-y digital one made to look like an analog. Beautiful still life though.
Wonderful - I wish I had a spot like this. That's great that you have these things from your parents and you actually use them, Bill. Love that mug and the phone... I've always wanted one of those "fake" old phones.

Well done - lots of ambiance and another great peek into your life.

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