Not all snow is beautiful

Not all snow is beautiful

This the pile at the end of the street. It will get bigger. I would be glad to send some to any who want it (if I could).
If you start sending "snow" through the post, you can expect a visit from the Feds (or their Canadian equivalent )
Would have been keen for about 38kgs of that snow yesterday Kathy - would have been great and functional styled and worn as a 10 gallon hat yesterday while out in the baking sun for far too many hours.

What an intriguing shape!!!
No snow this year for us. We only get snow here in Houston once every four years. I like snow though. They are fun. Until I start sliding all over the place while I'm driving!
That reminds me of last winter, thankfully only the one dusting of snow here so far this winter.
I do feel for you. We lived that way last year - so far, we're snow free. Very good rendering, of that pile of yuckiness covered with some clean stuff.... It's almost like a breaking wave!:eek:

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