An Irish postbox ! 28mm lens made it out of shape , tried to fix it on photoshop > GRD 1
Green ones, oh. That one has had a few coats of paint on it. Your wide angle lens has produced an interesting waisted shape like a lighthouse, novel :)

Interesting and educative shot. Never occurred to me that a postbox would be anything but red... but... its logical, considering :).
{ppcode}haha that's a really big, platypus kind of smileyface then, lily!
nice shot, I never knew the mail boxes in Ireland were green, but that's pretty cool. I don't usually mind wideangle distortion that much, I didn't even notice it here untill I read the caption and comments
Interesting shot - I'd like to see all of the top rather than this close crop - but perhaps it was all that fitted the frame.
Not to worry about the "distortion" - I never do!:biggrin:

You all are so lucky to have these beautiful, character filled post boxes - or what we, here in the states, call mailboxes. Our our quite boring!

Lovely green and that fast red car!:wink:

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