SIJ 01 - Let me in

SIJ 01 - Let me in

My parents' dog wandered over to our house and sat by this door for a while. This is one of my first ever shots using a flash.
Aww. I'm so glad he's not a caged dog waiting at an ASPCA site.

I like this very much, it looks like an old black and white film image. Who could resist those eyes?

You're so fortunate to live somewhere in which your dogs and your parents dogs don't apparently need to be fenced in to be safe.
I think Hitchcock had a hound that looked almost identical (captured in an Ernst Haas shot if memory serves)....and this shot gives me that same feeling. Nice one...but poor dog obvious wants IN!
I love dog photos. I could look at them all day. I kinda want to be a photographer, but I think I'm just ending up as a guy who likes to play with cameras and take photos of his pets. It's a little sad, but I guess it is what it is. This is a great one with strong emotional pull.

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