SIJ 03 - Calling Card

SIJ 03 - Calling Card

The birds have well and truly left me in no doubt of what they think of our crop down below.
This doesn't really work for me, I'm afraid - I've looked at it on 3 monitors now and it is just too dark to have an impact.
Such a glowering sky! Are you sure the birds didn't take off due to what looks like the impending storm?! I can see they've left their mark, for sure.:wink: The effect of the lightbulb glowing plays off the bird droppings and helps with the contrast against that dark sky.
I like its dark moodiness and the texture of the clouds. I don't know how it can all be so dark yet the guano be white, I'm guessing its a processing thing?
oh wow, the darkness and moodyness (is that a word) work perfectly on this monitor!

Looks like there's just enough of the silvery, hurts-your-eyes-to-look at light of the sun shining through some medium dark clouds somewhere in the distance, to give the equipment a glow and make it stand out just enough against the dark sky... I really, really love it! The little lamp fighting all that darkness in vain makes it even better. I say again, wow!
Very dark and moody. Not sure if it's too dark....I like it, but then again I always process mine a little on the dark side too.

I think the elements are all very interesting though mate.
I don't mind that it's dark, it gives atmosphere to the image. I'm not sure I'd have found the image as interesting if it had been lighter. So it's a YES from me!
I don't know what it is....and I don't care. It looks good and I like it. I'd hang it on my wall.
You're right, I am a sucker for darkness in my images. I love using negative space and underexposing to add to the mood. This one is almost too dark for me though, I was in the process of giving a bit more light to the centre pivot tower when my wife walked in and commented on how much she loved this shot. Hence I stopped right there - happy wife, happy life :wink:.

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