SIJ 04 - park

SIJ 04 - park

Such a tranquil, meditative view...the curve of that stream that's so full carries my thoughts away, but I'm drawn back in by that light breaking through. Thank you for this one, Bart.
I like the swoop of the water and the light in the sky, but it seems to me that the horizon isn't quite level.
Tranquil yet dynamic. Tranquil because of the tones and dominance of curves, but some dynamism comes from the composition where we know the two lines of water converge out of frame to the right)

I like this one a ton!
The rains of the last time have caused the water to rise, or so it seems.
Thanks everyone!
Katyh, I think you're right about the horizon. I usually don't pay a lot of attention to it, but it's quite crooked here. Maybe the fact that this is from an uncorrected raw file also shows up, the lens does have some moderate distortion at full wide angle.

Mark, the 2 lines of water don't actually connect, inside or outside the frame; the water in the foreground is just a small puddle that has swollen with the huge amounts of rain in the last few days, and it kind of curves around the tree.

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