SIJ 07 - Lizard

SIJ 07 - Lizard

Bought this magnet mosaic lizard in Barcelona because it reminded me of a lizard statue in Gaudi's Parc Guell there - it's now on the side of my book case, always sneaking up on the Magritte-inspired mask above that was the subject of my SIJ day 6.
Nice one mate. You'll find yourself scratching your head the day the lizard still appears to be in its place with what appears a rather distended tummy and a contented look on its face....and your Magritte cloud mask nowhere to be seen :wink:
LOL!! now that would be hilarious - and infuriating, because I'm quite fond of the mask :p I'll tell the lizard to behave...
Color are great all round. Shallow depth, oof to in focus back to oof is interesting and leads the eye to the head of the subject... yet the interest in the background and the sense that the lizard is moving there conspire to draw you into the back corner. Nice movement.
I like how the legs are in focus, which adds to the illusion that the lizard is about to move.
I know the lizard statue you were inspired by when you bought your little guy. He's very much in that Gaudi style. I like it.
Very inventive! As soon as you mentioned Barcelona - I thought, Gaudi! I like your sense of humor and artistic sensibilities, Bart.:biggrin:

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