SIJ 08 - dark photo of lights

SIJ 08 - dark photo of lights

The only time I went outside today was to run, so bringing my camera along wasn't possible. I guess I'll just continue my "things in my room" series of the last few days, then :smile: these 4 lamps are my main source of light.

I treated the photo to a very strong version of so-called "urban acid" curves in GIMP, it's fairly extreme but I like it here. Might be a bit dark for some monitors though.
[edit] it's actually dark on all monitors, but I was foolish enough to edit my original file so I can't brighten it anymore without causing all kinds of nasty side-effects. Ah well, better luck (or common sense) next time!
I was reminded of one of Calder's mobiles as went through the thumbnails.
Unusual, I had no idea what I was looking until I read your commentary, then I had the "doh" moment as it became so obvious!
I think it's cool, Bart! Sometimes trying out these kinds of more "extreme" versions is a very freeing thing. Throwing off the constraints can open us all up. I'm impressed by your ability to contain yourself inside with these photos. Maybe we should consider a Single Inside...or a week?:wink:

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