SIJ 08

SIJ 08

Went for a walk in the Campsie Hills. It was very muddy and horrible, the hills were foggy, generally all round yuck. This is a wee forerunner of the Darling Falls. Handheld despite longer exposure, took a lot of wobbly duff ones.
You did a great job! I think the water might be more instantly recognisable as water in the colour version, but I do like the "icy cold melting water" feel I'm getting from this whited-out (is that proper English?) water :)
Well done for hand held at 1/4 seconds. Worth a tripod shot with crisper shapes.
I think for these type of shots to fully work a tripod is an essential part of the tool kit, but then I'm a devil for detail in my pictures. I fully appreciate that you were limited by the lack of a tripod and you've done well given those limitations, although your admission of a large number of duds also points to the benefit of a tripod. It might be that as a lady photographer I know you find it difficult to carry such an encumbrance and if that is the case I do apologise. It's a shame having made such a great effort to reach your goal to find the result doesn't achieve what I'm sure could have been achieved. As an aside the said tripod might have helped you maintain your balance with tricky underfoot conditions, it certainly has for me at times. I do so hope you take these comments in the manner in which they were meant, as constructive.

Heather, it looks awfully slippery and cold. I think the high contrast worked out well for you. I can hear the rush of the water across and down those rocks!

If you did want to try a "tripod" type of thing, you might check out the walking stick monopods. Apparently they're great for hiking and photography.

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