SIJ 10 - Market in winter

SIJ 10 - Market in winter

I think the bicycle is there for the duration. In summer this is full of stands selling fruits and veggies.
It doesn't look like it's a day for standing around selling those summer fruits and veggies, nice tones with control of both shadow and highlight details.

just how long was that bike sitting there? Who rides in that weather? Nicely Seen
the light looks good - you've cracked the exposure with the snow and it's a good street shot - what more could you ask for on a cold winters day
I remember this part of Ottawa in warmer times too ;)

Love this, it's a scene I'd never see here at home. Great tones and contrast Kathy.

Out of interest how many times a day do the pavements and roads get ploughed? And is it wholly a council responsibility of that of the shopkeeper whose path transits their store?
Oh, it looks cold but not too cold, though I know looks can be deceiving. I feel sorry for the bicycle and hope its rider comes to save it before the next onslaught! Think of all that rust!:eek: You shot this at a good angle and there's a real sense of sunshine happening - which makes it a more hopeful image than it could have been. Well done, Kathy!! (y)
The roads and sidewalks only get ploughed when there is a snowfall. It's all done by the city although many shopkeepers will clear the space in front of their shops more thoroughly. In this area the city does a good job and they have removed the snow and taken it away in dump trucks to be dumped in various designated areas.

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