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SIJ 10

I managed to persuade my friend Anna MacDonald to sit for me. I've never really done a set up shoot, it was an interesting experience for several reasons.
This is under a motorway flyover at midnight! We had to ditch her van in the corner of a car park which was closing in 20 mins, so from start to finish the whole shoot length was 14mins (parking charge £5!!). There is also the thing where I don't know quite how to handle a model shoot, what to ask for, how it all works and so on and I feel a bit stupid asking for things. But being pals we just had a really good laugh and got a couple of pictures I like!

Following Barrie's suggestion this is tripod mounted.
Love the feel of the spotlight.
I thought stage light when I saw the thumbnail.
I sensed she was performing a significant role with the pose.
A good friend and warm moment!
Heather, I hope you feel the tripod mounting was worthwhile. The shot certainly looks sharp, there is slight movement in your friends left hand which could have been masked if the rest of the shot weren't sharp. I feel that adds to the impromptu feel of the shot which I think is great. Certainly a type of shot that is outside my experience, so all I can say from that point of view is an extremely creditable effort. Also good to know that you survived your tumble.

I really like this. When I first saw it I thought it was a theatre shot. The pooling of the light and the slightly contrived pose give that air of theatricality.
i think it works quite brilliantly. ignorance (the real sort) is clearly bliss and has produced a wonderful result. it's simple and clear and beautifully constructed.
I wonder if you shouldn't point your camera at people a bit more ... ?

be very interested to hear Landshark's take on this photograph
A very theatrical image Heather.

There is so much I love about this shot - from the lighting (love the definite spotlight feel and how it envelops your subject) to the tones and composition. All up a winning shot. But most of all I commend you on stretching yourself. Portraits are the furthest thing in my comfort zone - I would almost say I avoid them - and yet you have not only taken the initiative, but done so under very challenging conditions - to pull off something extra-ordinary.

Having said that, Anna seems a willing subject who is remarkably beautiful and the expression you've caught betrays her beauty (and playfulness) runs to the core. A high compliment of the portrait artist I think; as nailing exposure is one thing, but getting the best from your subject is another matter entirely.

In summation, :clapping:
It's a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman. Clever of you to find a spot to do it.

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