SIJ 12 - mass production

SIJ 12 - mass production

This is the main examination hall of my university - actually, this is only about 40% of it, but it's the largest expanse I could get in one frame. Need more wide angle!
Oh jeez, reminds me of the storage towers in the Matrix! I'll take the blue pill....

Nice repetition, perspective and scale
Now that's a scary place. Is that a crib sheet under that table leg, or a deliberate break in the symmetry?

good shot - seems a popular subject - so many chairs - would be a good shot for a "caption contest" - I'm trying to think of one while I type
thanks guys :)
there're usually exams for multiple subjects at the same time, with each subject occupying one or more 49-seat blocks. There're some 25 or 30 blocks in total...
about the sheet, my guess is the table was a bit wobbly so they put some paper under the leg
I had to laugh when I read drd's comment about "educational nightmares"... It is a bit overwhelming in its institutional feel! However, your photograph - the image is a great one - love all those wooden chairs - the lines of the tiled floor and the ceiling's light panels! Nice white balance - for me, the warmth makes it much less scary...than my nightmares of missing The Exam and/or The Matrix.:wink:
Ha, this brings back memories. I went from sitting, to observing, to sitting again. The latter transition was a nightmare.

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