SIJ 14 - sky sunset

SIJ 14 - sky sunset

out of pure desperation, I shot this sky, although it was also very nice to see it hadn't become totally dark even though it was half past five already (we're at the western edge of our time zone so we're pretty lucky in terms of late sunsets, and pretty unlucky in terms of late sunrises. Lucky for me, I'm an evening person and am rarely awake to see the sun rise anyway).

I made another shot that included the horizon but that was filled up with appartment buildings, I liked this one better.
Love it!!!
It's like a dog's perspective of the dying sun. Nice muted colours...then again I assume a dog's perspective would have an entirely different palette altogether :wink:
Thanks :) this, too, is a SOOC jpeg, I liked the colours enough to not even bother with looking at the raw file
I think I mentioned it with another image, I really like shots like these with it's subtle tones and hues ranging from purple, baby blue, peach, yellow, orange to sometimes an intense red. Nice capture.
Everyone has pretty much said everything that came into my mind, Bart.

To me the angle from which you photographed is perfect - the ethereal feel is perfectly wonderful as you saw it.

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