SIJ 14 - The Guardian

SIJ 14 - The Guardian

My brother in law and his wife have an amazing stash of interesting pieces in their house so I pinched a couple for this shot whilst spending the weekend with them in Hobart.
Nice composition, focus, and tonal range. For some reason it makes me think of the Twilight Zone. It has that "Kubrick" look to it.
Quite unusual but very effective. The crisp twigs and the oof figurine work well together.
Ooo, yes, I see the Kubrick feel!

Good for you for spying this and turning it into a rather alien image - very nice use of DOF and black and white!
Love it Sam. The DoF is perfect - with super detail on the intricate (and lighter) foreground subject, while retaining just enough detail in the background figure to know what we're seeing. Love the reflection too. Tells such a great story.

You and the rangefinder are doing sweet thigs my friend!
I like it, the figure in the background looks weary. Kind of reminds of The Prisoner, though Rover is a little bit more spikier than his 1960s counterpart.
I really like this. I could imagine it as the cover of a 1960s-1970s Sci-Fi novel writing of some dystopian future.

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