SiJ 15 02

SiJ 15 02

This time, I had no trouble finding the sun...
The landscape appears to somehow dissolve into the sky above where the sun sucks it all in like a giant white hole ...
It's meant to be a counterpoint to yesterday's image.
I don't intend to repeat myself unduely, though.
Nature never repeats herself, so you won't either. I tend to walk the same stretch everyday with my dog, and although the place doesn't change the views do daily. To me, shooting a similar place/scene daily is a wonderful creative process - and a tribute. Another cold yet compellingly beautiful view from your eyes.
Very nice again. More dramatic composition this time. I also like the portrait orientation to underscore the drama. Don't worry about repeating yourself, the first two are very different.
there are so many different layers to that sky it could never be boring
love the depth in this image - I fear if I look too long at it I may not return...again so crisp. Nice one mate

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