SiJ 15 08

SiJ 15 08

I went a little uphill from my flat again (like on the first day) in order to catch some of the late afternoon light, turned left on a whim and found myself in a great position to catch the wind-swept cloudscape. The sinking sun helped, too. I've been living here for more than 15 years and only found this spot today.
Thanks, SiJ!
Wow, jealous of your scenery! haha Great shot and definitely a place to come back to and explore new compositions if you ask me.
weird saucer shaped clouds....never seen any like that. Very cool
Saucer shaped clouds, are "lenticuler" clouds (because of their shape). Caused by high wind over mountain ridges, producing "rolling" wind. Similar to horizontal tornado. Dangerous for aircraft. Many have crashed because of it.
Yes, the wind was quite strong - and treacherous, judging from the speed those clouds moved and (de)formed. Today, it was even stronger, and windspeeds are increasing further still ...

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